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Tutorial of a new generation  

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Chapter 1. Before and After 1866

What is Ecology / Before 1866 / After 1866

Chapter 2. Live Systems

The hierarchy of biological systems / First Life / Life and Death

Chapter 3. A Place in the Sun

Environmental factors / Metabolism / Autotrophic of humanity

Chapter 4. The Complex Relationships

Ecological pyramids / Symbiosis: the concept and types / Parasitism on top of adaptations

Chapter 5. Living and Dead

Substances of the biosphere / Biogeochemical cycles / Evolution of the Biosphere

Chapter 6. Human

Still - from monkeys! / Program as an atavism / Technosphere or noosphere? / The third catastrophe

Chapter 7. Energy

Food crisis / Clean Water / Where to get the energy? / Alternative Energy / Energy Conservation

Chapter 8. Big Cities

The city, as the medium of life / Production and waste disposal / My favorite car

Chapter 9. Diversity

Climate: yesterday, today, tomorrow / Biodiversity